There are 2 types of car insurance products

There are 2 types of car insurance products

There are 2 types of car insurance products

There are 2 types of car insurance products that need to be understood by the customer that is all risk car insurance and Total Loss Only, the same goes for cheapest truck insurance guaranteed. The difference lies in the protection provided, wherein all risk insurance provides overall protection against all vehicle risks (unless there are exceptions). This is what makes people more choose all risk products for vehicle insurance, especially the new ones (vehicle age under 5 years), though at a premium, the cost of all risk far above the insurance Total Loss Only. While Total Loss Only Insurance itself only protects the vehicle in case of total damage (cost more than 70%) or loss.

Given the cost is relatively large, then before taking this all risk products, prospective customers must really understand the product so as not to be disappointed or misperception that can lead to losses in the future.

Some of the following things need to be considered before taking all risk insurance products, given the frequent misunderstandings that lead to disappointment:

The need for car protection can be seen from the level of criminality or other risk levels such as traffic density where you live or travel frequently with the car. If you do not have exact data, can check on the internet or other media. If the environment is not too dense and minimal risk of accidents either mild or severe then the Total Loss Only product fits you take.

However, if living in a dense traffic area, then the risk of accidental vehicles, minimal scratches large enough. One scratch only cost at least 500 thousand-1 million if entered into body painting. If this condition is happening, then all risk product suitable you take. Another example is for example where the residence is often exposed to flood, then the all risk insurance selected should have an extension of the guarantee against flooding.

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