The Air Knife includes a teardrop-shaped design

An air knife is a compressed air plenum with a continuous uniform air hole, and compressed air appears in laminar flow mode. The exhaust stream creates a direct impact velocity on the product surface for moisture or sliding particles without mechanical contact. The wind speed of this impact can reach 40 to 50,000 feet per minute.

The air knife includes a teardrop-shaped design that minimizes internal turbulence in the air that enters the tool, removes it, and projects in a highly controlled manner. When air enters the knife, there is no sharp edge on the knife, so the loss of pressure and turbulence is minimized while the air moves along the wall and focuses on the discharge.

The effeciency design of the Air Knife System

The Air Knife System uses the Centrifugal Blower to remove 99.9% of its products from parts before labels marking lasers, packaging or other additional operations. Each system is designed to provide the most efficient and effective solution for your application.

With factory design, manufacturing and testing, you can guarantee a high quality wind knife system on the market. It controls the production of almost all components, from the knife holder, air knife system guarantee the best solution for special application.

Compressed air is very inefficient and drying applications are very expensive. In this app, the horsepower required to generate a successful amount of traffic consumes a significant amount of energy. Regardless of the length of the conveyor, if the product has to be dried using a compressed air system, the operating costs around the clock will exceed $ 1500 per week, but can be used with the Wind Painting System.

The air knife system is not only more efficient than compressed air systems, but even more impressive with cleaner and drier products.

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