Tips for Material Exposure just go Industrial

Want to strengthen the image of the house through home renovation? Maybe exposing the house material can be one way. If you want to look industrial, don’t hesitate to expose the raw material from your home.

For example by removing plaster walls and allowing brick walls to become elements of room renovation or using concrete floors. Not only is it cheaper, home improvement ideas¬†which using industrial style is one of the solutions to highlight the design of the house you have so it doesn’t look mainstream.

Back to Nature Tips

Sometimes home renovations have a purpose to refresh the atmosphere of the house, so that activities inside the house feel much more comfortable. Pay attention to the use and placement of plants during home renovations. Believe it does not believe the presence of vegetation in the house can be a solution to make the home atmosphere much fresher.

In addition to placing plants inside the house, make use of openings to unite the natural environment such as a garden that is outside the house with inside the house. So, when renovating a house, ensuring the size and direction of the window and other openings are in the right position and size is very important, you know.

Update Style When Home Renovation through New Furniture

Of course a lot of people do home renovations so that the residences are not outdated and can still follow the trends. Therefore, consider changing the style of the furniture or room that you have when renovating a house.

Look for references from the latest designs to make sure you successfully update the style when doing a home renovation. In addition to forms, also pay attention to material trends and current colors to make home renovations in accordance with the times.

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Understanding the diagnosis of asthma

Asthma is a type of long-term or chronic disease of the respiratory tract which is characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways which causes tightness or difficulty breathing. In addition to breathing difficulties, people with asthma can also experience other symptoms such as chest pain, coughing and wheezing. Asthma can be suffered by all age groups, whether young or old.

Although the exact cause of asthma is not known clearly, but there are some things that often trigger it, such as cigarette smoke, dust, animal hair, physical activity, cold air, viral infection, or even exposure to chemicals.

Diagnosis of asthma

For someone who has asthma, the respiratory tract is more sensitive than other people who do not live with this condition. When the lungs are irritated by the trigger above, the respiratory tract muscles of asthmatics will become stiff and make the channel narrow. In addition, there will be an increase in sputum production which makes breathing more difficult.

To find out whether a patient has asthma, the doctor needs to do a number of tests. But before the test is carried out, the doctor will usually ask the patient questions about what symptoms are felt, the time of appearance of the symptoms, and the medical history of the patient and his family.

If all the information given to the patient leads to asthma, then the doctor can do a test to strengthen the diagnosis, for example:

  • Spirometry
  • Expiration Peak Flow Test (APE)
  • Bronchial Provocation Test
  • Allergic Status Measurement
  • CT scan
  • X-rays

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Tips if You Find Wild Bird

If you find a wild bird, either wounded or lost, help the bird. If the bird is still alive, take it to your home, and place it in a container (like a shoe box or similar place). Let the lid open so birds are not crowded. Do not worry that the bird will fly; the bird may still be shocked and will not move for some time.

Just in case, if the bird moves, close the doors and windows where the bird is located. Contact the animal shelter in your area because they can find out how to take care of the bird. If you can, take the bird to the shelter, and the shelter will take care of the rest. If they cannot take care of the bird, keep a few hours and see if it starts responding to you or flying. If that happens, the bird may have recovered and you have to release it again. Read articles about caring for wild birds on the internet.

If the bird dies after a few hours, it is fate; you cannot do anything else. Bring the dead bird out and leave it in a closed place. Do not tomb the carcass unless you are sure it is legalized in your home.

Tips for cleaning a bird house

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Waterfall Braid Hair Tutorial

The waterfall braid is actually similar to the braid of French hair, but is made to hang along the side of the head. Like what way braid hair waterfall?

Below we present a tutorial on how to braid a waterfall hair, step by step.

-Take a small piece of hair and point it to the front of the face. Take from the hair part closest to the hair and facial hemispheres. Divide into three equal parts, then braid into one or two lines.

-Take a new dash of hair and put it into the braid like making a French braid.

-Take a new section from the bottom. Insert the new hair part into the braid from underneath it. Take the second new part from the bottom and back of the braids. Remove the bottom of the braid now and leave it to the side of the head.

-Create a new one with the new bottom. Leave the old bottom.

-Continue the braid technique to the desired length. Continue by inserting the new hair part with the same technique. The braid keeps hair in this way up to the back of the head. Remember, every part of the hair taken from the top of the braid should be woven with the previous top. In addition, any new hair part taken from the bottom should be woven into the braids

– Tie the ends of the braids with a rubber band. Brush the hair hanging from under the braids to tidy it.

That’s how to braid a waterfall hair. A little complicated, huh? But when you get the hang of it you will have no trouble making variations.

African hair braiding salon magazines tips

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What are Vitamin C Benefits for Our Body?

The benefits of vitamin C for the health of the body is very important, without it will be very difficult to maintain a healthy body. In every food there must contain various nutrients in it. Nutrition is certainly included with the vitamin in it.

  1. Increase the mood

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to mood instability in a person. In general, if a person has a tendency towards a deficiency of Vitamin C then the person will become an easily worried and quickly agitated.

  1. Reduce the risk of heart attack

Vitamin C can help prevent the occurrence of heart attacks because when the content of Vitamin C increased or stable then the arteries in the heart will not thicken by itself. The thickened artery blood vessels are the main cause of heart attack.

  1. Prevent the rise in blood pressure

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C can help control blood pressure in our body. Given the level of stability of our blood pressure then the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension, low blood or anemia, and stroke diseases and diseases caused by blood pressure instability will decrease.

  1. Tomatoes to Improve Health of Eyes

Tomatoes are vegetables that are sometimes mistaken to become part of the fruits. It turns out that tomatoes have a fairly high content of its vitamin C content in these vegetables. Because of the high content of Vitamin C in tomato vegetables, the tomatoes are very nutritious to prevent the growth and rise of cancer cells in the body and can help improve the health of our eyes.

Vitamin C Benefits for Treating Common Cold

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