The Main Usability of PointClickCare Application

Point Click Care is an electronic health record or EHR in short. It offers a solution for the LTPAC industry or Long Term and Post Acute Care. It provides services, such as financial management, business intelligence, care delivery management, marketing, quality, and compliance. Moving forward to this technological era, Point Click Care takes advantage of its effective technological solution which helps customers to improve data entry, patients’ document management, care delivery, reimbursement accuracy and simplifying the regulatory burden. With such useful and beneficial services, PointClickCare Application is a very easy documentation which can be done with a single click on the PointClickCare Point of Care App.

The application can be downloaded on Apple Store, which means that it is only available for iOs devices. It has been guaranteed that the app is connected automatically to Point Click Care HER and the data inserted through the app is secured. Moreover, using the app, customers can manage their need easily. For example, patients with mobility can choose the options while resting on the bed. They can choose in which area they need help: eating, meal or drink intake, hygiene, dressing, toileting, showers, skin assessment, bed mobility, pain, continence, locomotion on the unit and more options available on the app.

The Benefits of Using the Application

There are benefits of using the Point of Care app. Firstly, customers and care staff can utilize the app anytime. Secondly, the app allows care staff to manage tasks, so they can use time effectively. Thirdly, the app also allows care staff to receive alerts and messages from customers within a close range which makes them to quickly take action. Lastly, this real-time access to such information helps care staff to take immediate actions. If customers want to experience such real-time action, then they have to be Point Click Care client first. Their login information then can be used on the app.

Knowing the Benefits of Point Click Care Direct Messaging

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