Tips for Successfull Android Game

  1. Determine the player’s age range. Knowing the age range helps you develop game rules that match your target age. For example, if you are designing for a small child, the theme should be simple, fun, and easy to understand. For adults, you need to design something interesting and competitive.
  2. Set goals. When you have a basic idea of ​​your game, determine also the goals that will help you shape your game. Ask yourself what kind of experiences your players want to feel, what you want to achieve from this game. Consider the following:

How many players can be involved in this game? Are two people pleasant enough? Or more?

Think how long this game will last. Think also the first game where players will still adapt and learn this game.

Ask yourself how complex this game will become. Some people love complex games with thick instructions where others like simple and easy games.

Consider how much your game will depend on profit or skill.

  1. Prettify how players will win. The end of Board Game is a crucial aspect because players need the ultimate goal as an encouragement to win. Consider different ways for players to win.
  2. Write basic rules. This may change as long as the game is developed, but the ground rules can allow you to instantly try your game. Always remember conditions to win and make sure all mechanics are clear.

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5. Create a test game. Before you start work with the actual game, make a rough test game so you can experiment with mechanics. No need to be too pretty, you just need to see if this base is working properly.

6. Remove marker or slab from card stock or index card. Use a coin or poker chip as a counter.

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