Tips and Trick to Win the iPhone Giveaway Event

In today’s online iPhone giveaway events are like mushrooms in the rainy season. Lots of sites that host quizzes in a variety of ways. The prizes are also very diverse, ranging from gift pulses to gift the latest smartphone or tablet. This of course makes a lot of people in droves to follow him. Unfortunately, many people sometimes do not follow the quiz correctly so they always fail to get a reward. In addition, many are actually fooled because it is not careful when following the competition.

First, do not follow a counterfeit online iPhone giveaway. This first tip is a mandatory tips that must have been known by everyone. Even a small child also feels sure to know if following a fake online quiz is a waste. But the problem here is that most people do not know which the original quiz is and which the fake quiz is. For example, many Facebook users are fooled by some silly quizzes like “click this link, then you will get a prize”. When in fact the account is just being spread a virus and malware.Therefore, to avoid this you are advised to only take quiz prizes held by trusted sources. For example, many large companies such as Sony, HTC, and Samsung are often held online quizzes in various social media. If the quiz is less reliable, then you better undo the intention to follow the quiz.

When you follow a variety iPhone giveaway events, the risk of getting a virus or malware attack is huge, especially if you use a personal email to keep up with it. It is therefore highly recommended for you to create a new, custom email to follow various quizzes. That way you can minimize the stealing of your personal data that might be dangerous in the future. Keep in mind, online quiz makers usually make these quizzes to promote certain products so they sometimes send emails to promote them. Emails they send are usually on a regular basis for a certain period of time.

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