Waterfall Braid Hair Tutorial

The waterfall braid is actually similar to the braid of French hair, but is made to hang along the side of the head. Like what way braid hair waterfall?

Below we present a tutorial on how to braid a waterfall hair, step by step.

-Take a small piece of hair and point it to the front of the face. Take from the hair part closest to the hair and facial hemispheres. Divide into three equal parts, then braid into one or two lines.

-Take a new dash of hair and put it into the braid like making a French braid.

-Take a new section from the bottom. Insert the new hair part into the braid from underneath it. Take the second new part from the bottom and back of the braids. Remove the bottom of the braid now and leave it to the side of the head.

-Create a new one with the new bottom. Leave the old bottom.

-Continue the braid technique to the desired length. Continue by inserting the new hair part with the same technique. The braid keeps hair in this way up to the back of the head. Remember, every part of the hair taken from the top of the braid should be woven with the previous top. In addition, any new hair part taken from the bottom should be woven into the braids

– Tie the ends of the braids with a rubber band. Brush the hair hanging from under the braids to tidy it.

That’s how to braid a waterfall hair. A little complicated, huh? But when you get the hang of it you will have no trouble making variations.

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